Project contents and phases

The project includes three parts or modules:

(I) „After the traces of our neighbors: Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Holocaust:

One of the main objectives is reminding ourselves of the forgotten history of Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina by reviewing material and other Jewish legacy from selected cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it suffered complete or partial destruction during the Holocaust thus being removed from common history and memory. Publishing the book on the subject is one of activities of the project.

Activities of this module include working on and publishing of the book in English and Bosnian language. It would include basic informations about Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina, their lives and destinies during the Holocaust.

(II) „Holocaust in educational system of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This part of the project includes classes about the Holocaust (University of Tuzla, Faculty of Philosophy) and workshops on the theme of the Holocaust in two high schools (in both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kladanj – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vlasenica – Republika Srpska).


(III) „Holocaust: Raising the awareness of the Holocaust“

The project has a goal to observe the past, present and possible future and merge the memories of Bosnian Jews and present them to general public in order to restore the memory of Bosnian victims of the Holocaust.

This module includes creation and presentation of an exhibition of photographs, and presenting the project results in Vienna, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka.