Book presentation in Tuzla

About the event

The project and book presentation in Tuzla was held on March 31, 2015, at the Public and University Library “Derviš Sušić” with the begin at 19 o’clock. The event was organized by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Tuzla. Please find here the event invitation and announcing poster.

The event was moderated by mr. sc. Gabriel Pinkas, journalist and assistant at the University of Tuzla and the member of the Jewish municipality of Tuzla.

The speekers at the book presentation were:

– Dr. Edin Jahić, the director of the Public and University Library “Derviš Sušić” in Tuzla

– Prof. dr. Izet Šabotić, history professor at the University of Tuzla, Philosophical Faculty

– Prof. dr. Adnan Jahić, the Head of the History Department at the University of Tuzla

– Book authors, DI Mag. Anisa Hasanhodžić and prof. hist. Rifet Rustemović

At the beginning of the presentation, many media reporters where there such as RTV 7 (Tuzla television) RTVTK (Radio-television of the Tuzla Canton) and they have interviewed the book authors.

The authors and the organizers were satisfied with the book presentations. The comments of the present visitors, where also positive, and the most of the visitors used the possibility to write their names and addresses in order to receive the book.

The leaflets about the project were distributed to the visitors.

The visitors present at the book presentation were from differet target groups including the members of the cultural, educational and political institutions, journalists, as well as the Holocaust survivors and other members of the Jewish community, as well as project partners from the high schools from Kladanj and Vlasenica, including the high schools directors and history professors, and also the broad public from the region of Tuzla from both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina i.e. the cities such as: Bijeljina, Janja, Vlasenica, Kladanj, Živinice, and Lukavac. The information about the book presentation in Tuzla was reported by many local internet portals and also was a part of the Cantonal television educational programme “Putokaz” (see Media section of the website).